When is your child entitled to the support allowance?

  • Your child is awarded at least 12 points on the medical-social scale.
  • Your child is under 21 years of age (you receive the allowance up to and including the month in which your child turns 21).
  • Your child lives in Flanders or the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Your child is Belgian or meets the nationality condition.

How much is the support allowance?

The support allowance amounts to €331.22 monthly.

When will you be paid the support allowance?

You will receive the support allowance on the 8th of the month, at the same time as the basic amount of the Groeipakket. The first payment will be made on the 8th of February 2023.

Do you need to apply for the support allowance?

You don't have to apply if your child lives in Flanders

If your child lives in Flanders, you do not have to apply for the support allowance. Your Groeipakket payment fund will automatically pay the allowance when you are entitled to it.

You have to apply if your child lives in Brussels

If your child lives in Brussels, you have to apply for the support allowance in writing (or by e-mail) via one of the five Flemish payment funds. The condition is that you already receive a child benefit supplement for a child with a disability or handicap via a Brussels payment fund.

What is the difference between the support allowance and the care allowance?

Your child may be entitled to both the support and the care allowance.

  • The care allowance is aimed at helping you with the higher costs of raising a child with a specific support need.
  • The support allowance serves additionally to organise non-medical care and support, freely to be chosen by the family, to help improve your child's participation in society.

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The support allowance: successor to the basic support budget (basisondersteuningsbudget)

Until the end of 2022, the basic support budget or care budget for people with disabilities (€300) will be paid by a care fund. As part of the family policy, the Flemish government has decided to transfer this budget for children and young people up to 21 years of age under the name 'support allowance' to the Groeipakket from January 2023 onwards.

Who can provide me with information about my basic support budget payments before January 2023?