No, not if you live in Flanders and receive a Groeipakket

  • Each month, we automatically receive the registration data from all recognised Flemish schools.
    Your payment fund automatically receives your assessment notice from the tax authorities in order to calculate your income.
  • Your payment fund also receives most other data from public authority databases.
  • If your payment fund is missing any details, it will send you a letter.
    Answer promptly and in full, otherwise it cannot move forward.
  • Your payment fund pays out to the same person and in the same way as it does for the normal child benefits.

When do you have to submit an application?

  • You do not live in Flanders and your child attends a recognised Flemish school.
    You probably do not have a Flemish payment fund. Choose a payment fund.

    The following year, the payment fund will generally be able to make the calculation automatically.
    If you do not live in Flanders, we pay the person with whom the pupil officially resides.

    The public payment fund, FONS, systematically opens files for children in all recognised Flemish schools and childcare. But this procedure takes some time and can only be processed if you live in Belgium. So submitting an application yourself is a good idea.

  • The pupil reaches/passes the age of 25 during the school year.
    On the condition that the pupil is enrolled in special needs secondary education (BuSo) or Basisverpleegkunde (basic nursing training).
    For all other education provisions, no school allowance is paid to pupils after their 22nd birthday.


  • You have not heard anything by the end of December.
    At least if you think you are entitled to it.
    Perhaps you do not satisfy all the conditions?

    Something can always go wrong.

How do you apply for the school allowance?

Contact your payment fund.