New application or revision on demand

If you think your child may be entitled to a care allowance, contact your Groeipakket payment fund

But what if you do not know who your payment fund is? You will find more information about your Groeipakket in My Groeipakket

  • Your payment fund will send your application to Opgroeien to evaluate the support needs of your child.
  • Activate your eBox if you have not already done so (not mandatory). Your eBox enables you to receive all correspondence coming from Opgroeien online, which is safer and faster. If you have not yet activated your eBox, you will receive all correspondence by letter.


Has the decision period expired? Then your application will be systematically subjected to a revision. You don't have to take any action. Six months before the end date, Opgroeien will automatically go through the necessary steps and the procedure will be followed again.