Expecting a child?

In Flanders you are paid a "startbedrag", a starting amount, for the birth or adoption of a child of €1,214.49. You can apply for the starting amount with one of the five Flemish payment funds of the Groeipakket.

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Applying for the Groeipakket

Did you already receive a starting amount for the birth or adoption of your child? Then you will automatically receive the monthly Groeipakket from the payment fund that paid your starting amount. In other cases (e.g. you are moving to Flanders) you can apply for the Groeipakket yourself from a Groeipakket payment fund of your choice. 

There are five Flemish payment funds. You can switch payment fund after being a member for one year. If you choose a new payment fund, that choice applies to all the children in your family. You will then remain a member for at least one year.