Your child's support needs are systematically reviewed at the end of the recognition period. This is usually at the age of 6, 12 or 18, but the doctor is able to indicate another date. Six months before the end of the allotted term, Growing Up will invite you to fill in new forms. You don't have to take the initiative yourself. The procedure will take place automatically.

Earlier revision?

As a parent, you can request a revision when new information arises during the period of the certificate, such as when the health of your child deteriorates, when a new condition appears or when there is a change of school path and/or more intensive therapeutic support. Send your request to your Groeipakket payment fund again. Once Growing Up is informed, they will request additional reports on:

  • the evolution of the known illness or disease, 
  • the diagnostic report of the new disease, 
  • the changed education path, 
  • the evolution and frequency of current therapy
  • ...