Who gets a basic amount?

Every child in Flanders receives the Groeipakket (formerly called kinderbijslag or child benefits). Each month you will receive a basic amount (basisbedrag) for your child, by way of financial support towards their upbringing.

How much is the basic amount?

In Flanders, each child born from 2019 onwards is paid a basic amount of €176.66. All children in your family born after 2018 will therefore receive the same basic amount.

Children born before 2019 receive the basic amount of the former child benefit (kinderbijslag)) supplemented by an age-specific supplement (leeftijdsbijslag) at ages 6, 12 and 18.

How do you get the basic amount?

Did you receive the birth benefit for your child? Then you will automatically be paid the basic amount of the Groeipakket each month.

Did you not receive the birth benefit (e.g. you only recently moved to Flanders)? You can apply for the Groeipakket with a Groeipakket payment fund (a specific benefit disbursement organisation, formerly known as a child benefit society or kinderbijslagfonds). You are free to choose which payment fund you apply with for the Groeipakket.

Even if you are not applying for the Groeipakket, you will still be paid the basic amount. The Groeipakket Disbursement Agency (Agentschap Uitbetaling Groeipakket) will still establish your entitlement and FONS, the public payment fund of the Groeipakket, will pay your Groeipakket on a provisional basis.

When is the basic amount paid?

The Groeipakket is paid on the eighth of the month that follows the date on which your right comes into existence. If the 8th falls on a weekend day or a public holiday, your payment fund will pay your Groeipakket on the last working day before the 8th.

An example: Sonia and Mo's daughter Rani is born on the 25th of April 2023. Rani is entitled to the basic amount starting from April 2023. The payment fund will pay the first basic amount on the 8th of May 2023.

How long will the basic amount be paid?

If your child lives in Flanders, he/she is unconditionally entitled to the Groeipakket up to and including the month he/she turns 18. Children with a specific support need are entitled until they reach the age of 21. No other requirements apply until that age.

Between the ages of 18 (or 21) and 25, your child must meet certain requirements to retain his/her entitlement.

Read more about the requirements for pupils in secondary education.

Read more about the requirements for students in higher education.

Read more about the requirements for school leavers.

Your child may be entitled to the Groeipakket until the month in which he/she turns 25 at the latest.

If you are pregnant or planning to adopt a child, then you are also entitled to the birth benefit.