How long do you, as a foster parent, receive the basic amount for your foster child?

As long as the child is placed in your family, you will receive the basic monthly Groeipakket amount for your foster child.

When do you, as a foster parent, receive the foster care allowance?

Foster children are entitled to a monthly foster care allowance of €68.23.

As a foster parent, you receive the foster care allowance if the foster child stays in your family for an extended period of time and is undeniably a part of it (perspective offering foster care).

Are you, as a foster parent, able to receive a school allowance for your foster child?

You are able to receive the school allowance for a foster child if it is a part of your family on the 31st of August.

If your foster child has been living continuously with your family for at least a year on the 31st of August, there are no financial conditions for the school allowance concerning the school year that is about to start. Your foster child is then entitled to the full school allowance if it meets the educational conditions.

And what about the social allowance?

Your foster child is taken into account for the determination of the size of your family and the calculation of the social allowance.