Birth benefit

Is it your first child and did you apply for the birth benefit before the birth? Then we will pay the birth benefit to the pregnant parent. If it is not your first child, we will pay to the existing beneficiary or beneficiaries of the Groeipakket.


If there is only one beneficiary, that person will receive the Groeipakket.

If there are two beneficiaries, you must decide together to whom we will pay the Groeipakket and on which account. That can be to you together or to one of you both. You can also ask in writing to change this at any time. If you do not or no longer agree on this, the Groeipakket will be paid to the youngest person. We check the specified account number with your bank. If you do not provide an account, we will pay the Groeipakket by circular cheque. The bank may then charge a collection fee.

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