Applying for the Groeipakket

You can apply for the Groeipakket from one of the five Groeipakket payment funds.

You are free to choose your preferred Groeipakket payment fund. You can switch payment fund after being a member for one year.

What is included in the Groeipakket?

The Groeipakket consists of family benefits and other financial allowances to support families in the upbringing of their children. It is a package customised to each child in each family.

Each child receives an amount every month and a school bonus annually in August. Some children are also entitled to an additional payment. The amount you receive depends on your specific situation.

What if you move away from Flanders?

The Groeipakket is intended for children that live in Flanders. If you move away from Flanders with your children, you will no longer be entitled to the Groeipakket from the end of the month in which you move house.