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Een gezin met twee kleine kinderen kook samen
  • Does your child attend childcare (licensed by Child and Family Agency) and is the price not based on your income? Then you can count on a childcare supplement (kinderopvangtoeslag) of 3.29 euro per child, per day at childcare.
  • Preschoolers aged 3 years who attend school, and preschoolers aged 4 years who continue attending school and are adequately present, receive a preschooler supplement of 135.25 euro in two consecutive years. This allowance is paid annually after your preschooler's third and/or after the fourth birthday, providing the conditions have been met. This is for education recognised and/or subsidised by Flanders and applies from birth year 2015 or later.
  • Less well-off families may also be entitled to a school supplement (for pre-school, primary or secondary education). The amount depends on your income and education level and is awarded per school year
  • The Ministry of Education will continue to grant the study allowance to students in Higher Education, supplemented by an additional 51 euro/year.

How do you apply for the participation supplements?

  • If you choose a Flemish Groeipakket payment fund, your child will automatically receive the amount to which they are entitled.
  • Your child will also automatically receive the amount to which they are entitled even if you did not choose a specific payment fund. The childcare facility or school will pass on your child's information to the Groeipakket. The public payer, FONS, will begin making the payments. They will then contact you to choose a payment fund. If you do not wish to choose another payment fund, FONS automatically remains your payment fund.