Was your child born before 2019?

Everything stays the same as long as there is no change in the parenting situation (for example, if a new child joins your family).

Is your child born from 2019 onwards or is there a change in the parenting situation?

You and your ex-partner decide together on which account the basic amounts of the Groeipakket will be deposited.

If you disagree, the younger of the two of you will choose. You can appeal this in family court.

Are you entitled to a social allowance?

Does your child live half the time with you and the other half with your ex-partner (equally divided housing)?

  • Your entitlement to a social allowance is considered both within your family and within your ex-partner's family.
  • If you meet the conditions for a social allowance, you are entitled to half the amount.

Does your child live more with one parent than the other (housing not equally divided)?

  • Only the family with whom the child lives the most is entitled to a social allowance.

We assume equally divided housing unless a ruling proves otherwise. 

The family court can also impose a division of the basic amount between both parents in the interest of your child.