Did the parent pass away before 1 January 2019?

The child will retain the increased orphan allowance from the old family allowances system as long as the remaining parent does not remarry or cohabit with a new partner. 

Did the parent pass away after 1 January 2019?

A child who becomes an orphan from 2019 onwards receives the basic monthly amount of €176.66 and an orphan allowance on top of that. If the child lost one parent then it will receive an orphan allowance of €141.33 If the child lost both parents then it will receive an allowance of €176.65. The child receives the orphan allowance as long as it is entitled to a Groeipakket, even if the surviving parent remarries or cohabits with someone else.

Did the child move to Flanders from abroad after 31 December 2018?

If your child receives the basic amount of €176.66, they are entitled to an orphan allowance, regardless of the date of death of the parent.

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