You do not need to apply to get the orphan supplement

Your payer (benefit disbursement organisation) will automatically receive notification of the death through the National Registry.

You can also notify your Groeipakket payer yourself. This gives them the relevant details they need to pay out the orphan supplement early on.

How much orphan supplement will your child receive?

What is the amount paid under the Groeipakket for a child that loses a parent? A semi-orphan (i.e. a child that has lost one parent) is entitled to:

  • a basic amount of €176.66
  • an additional orphan supplement of €141.33.  

Different amounts apply for children who were orphaned before 2019 and for children who recently lost both parents. Read more about the orphan supplement. 


Is there anything else I am entitled to as a widow or widower?

The death of a partner often results in a loss of income. You may also be entitled to a social supplement as result. Once your payer is aware of your partner's death, they will check whether you are entitled to a social supplement. Read more about social supplement.

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